Frost Festival Haliburton

Family Day weekend is a blast in Haliburton

Photos by Terrance Gavan

Bring out the dogs and they will come.

Winterdance dog sled rides… a yearly tradition at the Frost Festival.

And no surprise that it remains the glue that sticks this maple syrupy event to the bottom of the hearts of most of the visitors who come to Haliburton for the yearly festival.  This year we met people from the GTA, Fergus, England and Guelph. Just another day in cottage country.

The wonderful Head Lake Park celebration went to the dogs as soon as the Winterdance dog kennel on wheels pulled up to the Rails End Gallery.

Pandemonium ensued and an afternoon long queue formed.

But there was more. Captured by a mesmerized photo hound, Terrance Gavan, who also jumped some video into the mix this year.




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