Cafe on the hill reopens its doors

James McBride and Lila Sweet are ready to serve their customers once again. / Photo by Sue Tiffin

James McBride and Lila Sweet are ready to serve their customers once again. / Photo by Sue Tiffin

By Sue Tiffin
Staff writer

After being closed for the past five months, Gravity House Café and Catering has reopened its doors to the public and is offering an updated menu to customers.
“After ten years, we decided to take a couple of months to streamline and reformat the business,” said co-owner Lila Sweet. “It’s important to stay fresh and current, but also to keep what’s working, which is our craveability factor.”
Sweet and partner James McBride, Gravity’s chef for the past seven years, took a break beginning last October to update the menu and reorganize their business plan. Moving forward, the pair wants to ensure they balance their work and personal life so that they have time to visit family and make appointments.
“Having been open six days a week for the past four years, it has been hard to make appointments or take any weekend road trips,” she said of their busy lifestyle that includes catering as well as the operation of the café. “Our new business model is about more balance.”
Sweet says she and McBride typically employ a local college/university student every summer but have never had the volume in the low season to keep help. With their new focus on balance, they are now looking for a part-time person “who loves people and food” to help year-round. Sweet says that she and McBride continue to love the indie café life and look forward to continuing to serving the community and sharing their new menu, which now includes a daily burrito.
Gravity House Café and Catering reopened on Feb. 4.



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